Safe Sex

True Love Waits

“The Bible has a word to describe ‘safe sex.’ It’s called marriage.
-Gary Smalley and John Trent


11 thoughts on “Safe Sex

    • hisprincess3 says:

      Yes! Me too! I found it in my daily devotion book and I just had to post it! Oh and by the way! I love your blog and what you stand for! I can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

      • Dusty Crabtree - Author says:

        Thank you! It looks like we have similar ideals and passions. 🙂 When my girls study is over, I’m actually planning on turning all of the topics into a lesson plan thing you can download for free on my blog. That way people can lead their own groups with girls in youth groups or whatever. I’m excited about it!

      • hisprincess3 says:

        Wow! That’s so awesome! I totally can’t wait! Please tell me when you upload so I can get it!

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