One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World

She was told that she would never amount to anything, that she should just kill herself and was labeled as the “Ugliest Woman in the World” on YouTube.  Yet, thatunknown did not stop Lizzie Velasquez! Born with a very rare disease that only two other people in the world has, she is challenging the world what true beauty is.

“Beauty isn’t skin deep. Beauty is a smile that makes others feel warm inside. Don’t strive to be ‘pretty’. Learn that you’re beautiful.” ~Emily Grace

What really drew me to Lizzie wasn’t her condition but her strength & optimistic spirit despite the hard trials she had went through. However, her condition is very complicated.

“The main symptom of the syndrome is that I’m not able to gain weight. Right now I am 23 years old and only weigh about 60 lbs.  I have zero percent body fat as well.  I’m also blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other… The small amount of information that I just wrote about is literally the only information my doctors know about my syndrome.  It’s just one big mystery and hopefully one day there will be a miracle and an answer to all our questions.”~Lizzie Velasquez. (For more information about her rare disease you can click on this link and find a YouTube video about it.) 

Lizzie Velasquez has not let that bring her down. Instead of allowing self-pity consume her, Lizzie has been traveling across the nation as an inspirational speaker, bringing hope and a new sense of beauty to many lives. Her book, “Be Beautiful, Be You”,which came out last year, has provoked many readers to see past the media’s perception of “pretty” and to just be themselves.2

“After spending years wanting to look like everyone else, I realized I needed to love and accept myself just as I am. When I stopped listening to other people and started making a life for myself, I discovered my purpose in life, my passion.” ~Lizzie Velasquez, “Be Beautiful, Be You.”

We can all learn from Lizzie. I think the phrase “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” completely describes her life. But we should all do the same as well…including myself. As Christians, we should be the happiest and most optimistic people alive yet, it seems like we were are the most worried and discouraged when hardships blow our way. God tells us in Philippians 4:6 to not be anxious for nothing, but just come boldly to God in prayer…with thanksgiving. Sometimes, I find myself completely lost in my own distress that I loose sight on who my Father is…and who I am!

Romans 8:28~“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” I think that verse is better than the lemonade phrase because if we know that we love God and we are His children, why wouldn’t our Father take care of us? He never does anything to harm us because He loves us too much. That verse should give us more hope in our lives no matter what happens in our lives.

“God has given me an amazing life. God has also given you an amazing life…God cares about you. I want you to understand that knowing God makes the difference. I hope you find a lot to smile about on your journey.” ~Lizzie Velasquez, “Be Beautiful, Be You” (available on now Amazon)9780764820793_p0_v1_s260x420

So be beautiful and be YOU!



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