New Year…Same Journey

  Wow, it is almost difficult to comprehend that it is already 2014. I don’t know about you but for me it feels like 2013 just began. That just proves how quickly time is winding up and how short are lives  are. However, if I take the time to really think about all that has happened last year, a lot has occurred over the last 12 months. For me 2013 was a year that I really began to examine myself, mostly spiritually, and my life as a Christian. I began to dig deep about who I am in Christ and what His plans are for me in the future. It was a time that I really began to see what I got myself into years ago when I asked Jesus to become Lord and Savior over my life (but I assure you that it was the greatest decision that I have ever made in my life). Time after time again God proved Himself to me during those moments in my life when I began to doubt myself and sometimes even God. Yet He displayed His love to me in such a way that I still can’t describe or comprehend. I can truly testify that God is real in my life.

During the times when I felt like I was at my lowest point, God was my comforter and peace. I was in accidents where I should have gotten hurt or died, but God proved to be my Protector. Times when I felt like fear would overtake me I thank God for His promise that He would take care of me and that I would never have to fear for the rest of my days. When I felt like I was all alone and that no one really cared about me, I thank God for never leaving my side and for always displaying His love towards me. There were times when I thought God didn’t hear my cries, but every time He seemed to always give me the answers at the right time whether it is through my pastor, through devotions, in praise and worship, or in those quiet moments by myself. I can’t doubt in Him anymore because God has been so faithful to me. I thank God for the trials I had to go through in 2013 because it is bringing me closer to Him and  preparing me for the years ahead.

I’m super excited about this new year. God has been so good to me last year so I know that 2014 is going to be even better! This is year of new beginnings. Yet I am still on the same journey that I was on 9 years ago when I asked Jesus in my life and that is to seek more of Him and to become more like Christ. Though I have other resolutions that I want to accomplish on this year that is my main goal that I will keep chasing after as long as I have breath in this body. That is what I want so desperately…to be more like Christ and to be so close to Him that others around me will notice a difference–a change– that they will also want to know this God that I talk about, live for, and love. I think that should be our main goal, laying aside everything else we have planned and just focus on this main objective. This is what we were created for. 

I pray that this year you will stay on this path. Don’t give up on God because He will never ever give up on us. He loves us and I can’t even express that enough. We just have to trust and believe in Him.

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”~Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV

Happy New Year!!


10 thoughts on “New Year…Same Journey

  1. mbailey19383 says:

    Angelica, what an awesome article you have written.
    You have a way with words: and that”s a gift that can only come from God. I pray you will have much success in pursuing the things of God.

  2. Heather says:

    you’re a beautiful writer! I happen to be Jewish but respect anyone who is committed to their faith and beliefs. I find I have more in common with religious Christians than non religious Jews. So glad Andrea sent me to your blog!

    • His Girl says:

      To God be the glory! I’m so glad that you were blessed by this post and thank you so much for stopping by to my blog. And that is so true, we must always have faith in God. 🙂

  3. Mona says:

    Your aunt mentioned that you were 17??? This is just fantastic. It is so important for all young women to express themselves. Your voice is SO important, please keep it up!

    • His Girl says:

      Actually I’ll be turning 17 in three weeks. But I’m pretty much that age. Lol Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! It really means a lot. I’m glad that this blog is an outlet to express myself more freely. 🙂

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