Lies Girls Believe #5 “I’ve done too much that God can’t forgive me.”

Lies Girls Believe #3

“I’ve done too much that God can’t forgive me.” 

Romans 5:8 says“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

We have sinned or done something that we regret terribly. Many times when we make a mistake, others tend to judge and label us based on our past. However, with God all things are made new. There is nothing that can keep you away from the love of Christ. He loves us so much even before we were even born He willing gave up His own life so that we can be brought blameless before Him one day. We don’t have to wait until we’re “perfect” before God can forgive us. The verse above says it all. Before we even thought about God, He died for our sins so we can become guiltless. Every time we repent (which means to make a complete turn around from our sin) to God, He wipes away every wrong we done and forgets about it as if we had never committed anything. I know that many times that we feel so unworthy to receive God’s forgiveness, but we are unworthy to even deserve His love. But that’s just the beauty of grace. God’s grace!


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