I’m, Back! But, Where Have I Been?

Wow! It has been a year since I have last written on HisGirl. So much has happened in over a year that I could write I book..which I will eventually (spoilers). For starters, I graduated from high school! Class of 2015! And yes, I am a high school survivor! So, if I can get through it, so can all of you. Right now I am currently about to complete my first semester in college, which is super exciting for me. In my mind, I still cannot believe that I am a college student. It still feels like I am a child in a college freshmen’s body. But I can truly say that God has been with me every step of the way of this journey. I am just so thrilled of what He has in store for me in this life.

However, I will try to keep everyone updated about being a Christian girl living on the college campus. Even though I have only been here for about four months, I have learned so much in such a short time. No, every day has not been sunshine and rainbows as sometimes people try to picture the Christian life as if nothing bad ever happens. Trouble does hit us as it does with everyone else but we have a Rock that keeps us steady and strong throughout every storm. He is also our Protection, Shield, and Comforter whenever we need Him. So that is why I can still praise Him while I am studying for an exam, (Future tip for any future high school gradates…NEVER PROCRASTINATE! Study a little each night after class…Just FYI) or when I am writing two essays for the same day. I know God is with me despite my daily craziness and the hecticness of the day. He always knows how to give me peace and He will with you if you just ask Him.

Any questions? Anything you want me to post in the future? Just comment. I love reading comments from my followers. Love you all and God bless!



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