From Model to Role Model


Nicole Wieder is an amazing role model for young, Christian girls everywhere. She is the creator of  Project Inspired, a Christian website for Christian teen girls, with plenty of wisdom from dating, beauty, fashion, and etc. However, before she became a role model she was first an actual Hollywood model. She has an amazing testimony and I am glad to be able to share her story with you.

I have been modeling and acting since I was 5 years old. I had been with the same agency in Portland, Oregon for about 8 years, and had appeared in numerous publications, ads, magazines, television commercials. I had my own checking account by the age of 12, and saw billboards with my face on them as I was being driven to junior high dances. But I was a “big fish in a small pond”. I was ready for the big time, and wanted to make it in Hollywood.

I moved to Hollywood when I was 16 and plunged headfirst into the task of becoming an “it” girl. Although I was still in high school, I partied with well-known actors, had an all-access pass to the hottest clubs, and mingled with the see-and-be-seen celebrities.

I signed with a small agency and began modeling to pay the bills while making my way through the cutthroat industry that is the devil’s playground. I witnessed many people compromise their dignity to be accepted amongst the superficial Hollywood standards. From up close, I saw the ‘famous’ people ruining their lives with drugs and excessive partying. I even knew some who sadly died as a result of their extreme lifestyles.

The glamour, glitz and the lights had a dark side that terrified me. Although I was running around with the cool kids and living the life of a starlet, I was still a small town girl in my heart. Not only that, but something never felt quite right when it came time to actually audition. Each time a camera was focused on me, I didn’t feel prepared enough, pretty enough, or completely ready to be scrutinized by the people who make it all “happen”.

e2c32de4e75bc949a45e5b8ec82135afI now believe that the fear that prevented me from achieving Hollywood stardom was actually God’s way of protecting me from an industry that chews up and destroys young women like me. But at the time, I was just heartbroken.
At 23, I fell into a deep depression. I felt helpless and foolish that had I allowed myself to get into this position. With no college degree and no alternate plan for my life, I knew I had made a huge mistake. I didn’t know where to go.

I turned to every self-help book available: The Law of Attraction, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, all the Anthony Robbins books – but nothing helped me.

Then everything changed.

Every single night I would look up into the stars and pray for a miracle. I completely gave my life to God. I asked for guidance to lift me out of the horrible situation I was in. I saw what “making it” did to others in this industry and knew I didn’t want that for my life. It was at that point that I realized my great truth:

Everything I went through – all I experienced in that dark city – was for a bigger purpose.

I now see the kind of hold that Hollywood’s harmful message had on me since the time I was a young girl. This influence led me to make decisions in my late teens that I now regret. I now see that the body truly is a temple and young girls and women for instance shouldn’t have sex so easily. Girls often look to sex to feel loved but in the hands of the wrong guy it can destroy self-esteem.

It was Hollywood that made me want to be an actress. I was so infatuated with the fame game – it all looked so glamorous – but in the end it was quite the opposite. I’m not saying everyone in Hollywood is bad. In fact, the Hollywood experience helped me to look at what I really wanted for myself. My mistakes were part of my journey and my value system has completely changed as a result of it. I found Christianity and it turned my life around.

My bigger purpose is this: I want to help other young women avoid some of the same mistakes I’ve made.

Using my experience as a platform, I’d like to be a voice that’s out there to help others – especially young women – be their best selves. By questioning cultural norms, exposing the truth of media exploitation and finding and sharing inspiration from scripture and my own life, I can show those who seek it what it means to be a person of value and confidence.

imagesChristianity needs to be redefined for young girls. There is a certain stereotype of how a Christian girl should look, dress and act. I want to show young women that you can be a good Christian and still embrace many parts of the popular culture.

God listened to my prayers. His power helped deliver me through the depression I was in, financially and spiritually. Every single thing I am now blessed with – material and emotional – is because God knew that once I received these great blessings, I would give myself over to Him and in turn show others the power of God to make anything happen. I just hope through my story – and through God’s will – that I can inspire you to lead a more meaningful life.


What I Do While Waiting to Say “I Do”

I write numerous posts regarding purity and waiting until marriage, mostly from a girl’s perspective, however I know many of you may wonder if there are actually guys out there who are waiting as well. In this post, I was able to get a guy’s perspective regarding purity and wanted to share it with you all. He is a dear friend of mine and I can personally say that he is man after God’s heart.  

“How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.”( Psalms 119:9 KJV)


What I Do While Waiting to Say “I Do”

Ah, marriage! It’s the most beautiful thing to show your commitment to the one you love. It’s sacred and a goal that everyone dreams of achieving. However, in this new age, marriage seems to be the furthest thing from some minds, most being men. Lately, it’s all about who can get the most girls and sex outside of marriage is becoming normal for young men to do. Fear not! No matter what’s currently happening, there are still men out there who are holding themselves for marriage and keeping themselves for the one woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. How do I know? This is a fact because I can proudly say that I am one of those men. Here are some timageshings that I do before getting to the ultimate “I Do.”

  1. Develop a relationship with God

There is no way that a relationship with a woman can be pure and true without first having a pure and true relationship with God. Without God, you will always choose the wrong one and end up in an unhappy marriage. He is an awesome teacher about relationships. His Word is filled with many lessons about keeping yourself, how to treat someone, even how to love in the God sense. I’m a firm believer that God will keep you and guide you to the right woman for you.

2. Keep my flesh under control

Guys, it’s perfectly natural to have feelings for the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with seeing a woman and acknowledging that she’s pretty or you like the way she carries herself. The wrong thing to do is lust after women, meaning to let sexual thoughts enter your mind and then acting on it. That’s satisfying your flesh. If you repeatedly let this happen, holding yourself for marriage is no longer a priority and sex outside marriage will become a common thing to do. Let’s keep the flesh under control by things of those things that are good, pure, true, and of good report (as stated in the Bible)

Philippians 4:8 NIV
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

3. Avoid temptations at all cost!

Joseph, from the Bible, is a perfect example. While working, his owner’s wife came on to him and wanted him to sleep with her, but remembering that it’s an ungodly thing to sleep with another man’s wife, he refused. And guess what? God honored him for that.
It’s awesome to keep yourself for marriage, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be faced with temptations. Don’t let the words of some women trick you. Never trust yourself alone with a girl because, believe it or not, you are not strong enough to do that. Go out on group dates. Don’t give yourself any possible way to fall into temptation. Remember that if you have the relationship with God, He won’t let you fall for it.

Without doing these 3 things, I wouldn’t have been able to uphold my promise to hold myself for marriage to the right woman. I believe that the perfect woman for me is out there, but until God guides me to her, my focus will be on God.

What about you?


Hi, my name is Davon Reed and believe it or not, I’m 21 years old. I am a college junior studying information systems and I am also an aspiring minister. Most importantly, I LOVE JESUS and He Loves Me!